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Make Bathroom Remodeling A Breeze By Asking These 17 Questions

Over the years, JDS Bath has helped many Central Virginia homeowners navigate their bathroom remodeling projects. David Rickard (DR), owner of JDS Bath, took a moment to sit down and answer your common bathroom remodeling questions. Mr. Rickard has been in the construction industry for more than 30 years and started remolding bathrooms more than 20 years ago. Here are his answers:

Local Bathroom Remodeling Company Questions

Q: How Can Homeowners in Central Virgnia Avoid Having
To Remodel The Same Bathroom Twice?

We recommend (the homeowner) doing their research on any bathroom remodeling company they are looking to hire for their bathroom project.

Q: What Is The Most Expensive Bathroom To Remodel?

The most expensive bathroom you (the homeowner) will ever remodel, is the one you must do twice. What we mean by that is, if you spend X amount of money to renovate your bathroom and then must redo your bathroom 1 to 5 years later, due to faulty workmanship or product failure, the next renovation can cost 2 to 3 times what the first renovation did.

Q: What Kind Of Things Should A Homeowner Ask Before
Choosing A Bathroom Remodeling Company?

We recommend asking these questions:

  • How good is their customer service?
  • Does the company use high quality materials?
  • Do they have a warranty on all parts and services?
  • How have past clients rated their experience with the company?
  • Is the bathroom remodeling company licensed, bonded and insured?

Q: Why Would The Second Bathroom Remodel Cost So Much More?

If the first remodel got a water leak, the second remodeler would have to pull out the first remodel, repair any damage and then install the new materials.

Bathroom Building Material Questions

Q: Since Most People Are Not Bathroom Renovation Experts, What
Kind Of Bathtub Or Shower Materials Have You Worked
With And Found To Be Successful?

We have worked with many different bathtub and shower materials over the years but we like best what we now offer at JDS Bath. Both the tile and acrylic. The style of acrylic we use at JDS Bath, we have found (homeowners) to have the least amount of problems with later down the road.

Q: Which Is Better For My Bathroom, Tile Or Acrylic?

They both have their positive and negative properties. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter which you choose. Go with the style you want in your bathroom, since you are going to be using it more then we will.

Construction Date Questions

Q: After Signing The Contract, How Do You Calculate
The Construction Start Date?

This is a very good question. Before the homeowner signs a contract, we look at the materials they have chosen for their bathroom project, the extent of the project, etc. Knowing the parts they want in their bathroom, we look to see how long it will take for the parts to come in and that varies greatly. If they want tile from Italy, it might take longer to get than tile one of our local tile distributors has on hand. After that, we look at my construction schedule, calculate the time it will take for all the parts to arrive at our warehouse and give the homeowner an estimated installation start time.

Q: In The Past Year, How Long Does It Usually Take
From The Contract Date Until The Homeowner’s
Bathroom Is Installed?

A homeowner can expect a 3 to 6 month wait from when they sign with JDS Bath until their bathroom construction starts. The exact time it takes to do the installation is very dependent on what the homeowner wants done in their bathroom. All the construction companies we know are out that long, if not longer, due to their project load and material shortages.

Q: What Factors Affect Installation Time?

If the bathroom only needs a new bathtub/shower or a simple bathtub to shower conversion, the installation process is a lot quicker than a complete remodel. We also caution homeowners to be weary of the bathroom remodeling company who can start their project in a few days instead of months.

Q: Why Is A Quick Construction Start Date
Something To Be Concerned About?

If someone tells me they can start remodeling my bathroom tomorrow, we would ask them the same questions about finding a bathroom remodeling company. There is usually a reason they don’t have any other bathroom projects to work on.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Questions

Q: For The Homeowner Wanting To Cut Expenses By
Remodeling Their Own Bathroom, What Are Some
Suggestions You Would Give Them?

Have a licensed, bonded and insured company handle the wet area of the bathroom and all the electrical work! Again, the most expensive bathroom you will install is the one you have to do twice.

Q: What Do You Mean By ‘wet Area’ Of The Bathroom?

The wet area of the bathroom is the main water flow area. Meaning the tub/shower area.

Q: Why Do You Recommend Only A Licensed, Bonded,
And Insured Company Handle The Wet Area?

If the shower/bathtub isn’t correctly waterproofed or one pipe starts leaking under the bathtub, it can cause thousands of dollars in water damage to the rest of your house. A licensed, bonded and insured bathroom professional will have the training to know how to correctly install the parts of the wet area so as to avoid problems in the future. You’re not paying for the hour or two hours it takes them to put in the sink, you’re paying for the years of training and experience they have.

A new bathroom with a sink, mirror, and shower

Bathroom Evaluation Questions

Q: After The Homeowner’s Appointment, How Long Will
It Take To Get The Quote For Their Bathroom Project?

As quickly as we can. How quickly depends entirely on the individual parts, how long it takes for a supplier to determine the price and availability, if we must go to several different suppliers to find the parts, etc.

Q: If A Homeowner Has A Question About Their
Bathroom Project, What Should They Do?

Ask your question. If we don’t know the answer, we will help you find the answer.

Q: What Can A Homeowner Expect From Their
Bathroom Evaluation Meeting?

We will look at the construction of their bathroom, listen to what the homeowner is wanting to do with their bathroom and determine what will need to be done to create their vision for the bathroom. Then we will give the homeowner an estimate for the work to be done and give them an estimated start date. If we don’t know the exact price for a part the homeowner wants or a style of shower, etc., we will go back to the office and email them a quote for their bathroom project.

Q: What Should A Homeowner Do If They Do Not Receive
A Quote After Their Appointment?

Let us know! Call us, text us or email us. We have no way of knowing if you have received the quote from our end. Also, please check your email’s spam/trash filter often. About 45% of our clients find their quotes in their junk folder. Even the emails we send from JDS Bath to JDS Bath end up in our own junk filter at the office. We are working with our tech team to improve this. All the new safety protocols put in place by email providers, to prevent you from getting spam emails, make it very easy for emails from legitimate companies to get filtered to the spam folder.

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