How Do I Begin My Bathroom Remodeling Project?

How to Begin Your Bathroom Remodeling
Project In Richmond, VA

From Planning Your Project To Hiring
The Right Contractor

Bathroom remodeling in Richmond, VA is an exciting experience for homeowners. However, many do not know where to begin. We seek to solve the early roadblocks you may face once and for all.

JDS Bath provides in-depth advice and guidance on the early, decision-making stages of your bathroom remodel, along with asisting you through the planning and development stages.

What To Do First

A shower and bath with a stunning shower wall

The first thing to ask yourself is, “what part of my bathroom is most important to me?”

Is it the color of the bathroom walls, a specific showerhead, a tile pattern, a blue colored vanity, a purple toilet, or a certain style of bathtub?

It could be the safety features of a zero-entry walk-in shower or walk-in bathtub. Maybe you want a full bathroom that has marble bathroom floor. Or, perhaps you are wanting a small bathroom that has minimal daily cleaning required.

Choosing The Best Company For Your Project

A remodeling crew during a full bathroom remodel

Prior to contacting a prospective bathroom remodeling company, check out their website and reviews.

See how the company has treated their past clients. If there were unhappy clients, look carefully at the REASONS why the client was unhappy with their experience. For example:

  • Has the client made other negative reviews of other companies with similar issues?
  • Did the client make unreasonable expectations of the bathroom design and remodel company?
  • Did the bathroom remodeling company completely drop the ball and deserve the negative review?

Now, look at the positive reviews. This will give you a detailed account of what your experience with the bathroom renovation company will be like. If you are happy with what you have discovered so far, now it’s time to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

Getting Quotes For Your Bathroom Project


After you have chosen which companies you would like to receive quotes from, it’s time to meet with them to discuss what you are wanting to do with your bathroom.

Make sure you request a quote from a company that doesn’t use salespeople. A salesperson is an expert in selling you the bathroom parts their company installs. They are NOT expert builders.

Now is where your bookmarked list comes in handy. Discuss the parts of your bathroom that are on your list with the bathroom builder and show them your bookmarked pages.

The bathroom builder will be able to give you an accurate quote for your new bathroom remodel based on your chosen materials, the size of the bathroom redo, and what construction is required.

Choosing The Best Company To Build Your Dream Home


Now that you have met with the bathroom renovation companies and received your quotes, it’s time to DECIDE which company will build your bathroom.

Read your quote thoroughly, paying close attention to the terms of the contract and the warrantee. While price is a factor, the three most important factors are:

  • Every part of the bathroom is installed correctly
  • The parts of the bathroom are made of a quality material
  • The bathroom you are getting includes the features that are on your “most important” list

If two companies install the same material, manufactured by the same company, but the cost is different, you need to ask why. Several factors that can result in a lower quotes are:

Cheap Faucets And Fixtures

A low quote could mean the fixtures have plastic fittings instead of metal. The plastic fitting will deteriorate in a fraction of the time. This means your bathtub or shower might last for many years, but your fixtures may break within months.

Bathroom Tile That Isn’t Waterproofed

Tile installers are not required by law to use waterproof grout when installing tile in your bathroom. While it does seem baffling that a builder wouldn’t use waterproof grout in a bathroom of all places, a cheaper quote could be the result of using cheaper, non-waterproof grout.

Poorly Trained Or Subcontracted Installation Crews

Some bathroom companies cut corners by sub-contracting their demolition and installation work. That means the quality of the craftsmanship in your bathroom could be severely sub-par. Make sure the remodeling company you choose uses only proven and reputable subcontractors.

Reglazing Or Installing An Overlay Instead Of Gutting To The Studs

It is less work for a company to just reglaze a bathtub or place an overlay on top of it than it is to actually gut the bathroom to the studs. To learn more, check out our blog titled “Why is it Important To Gut The Bathroom To The Studs?

Good Materials But Bad History Of Repairs

Refresh your memory by looking at the bathroom remodeling company’s reviews.

Look specifically for customers who have written reviews regarding the repairs that their new bathroom needed. As we are all human, it is possible for there to be mistakes made during the bathroom remodeling process.

The important thing to note is, how responsive was the company and did they take care of the problem.

What About JDS Bath?

JDS Bath is a licensed, bonded, and insured bathroom remodeling company located in the Richmond, VA area.

Get started today by calling our bathroom remodeling experts for a free consultation. We service all of Central Virginia, including Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, and more. See our service areas for more details.

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