What Are The Most Popular Shower Wall Materials?

Comparing The Most Popular
Materials For Shower Walls

Find The Right Shower Material
For Your Central, VA Home

You’re whimsically deep in the midst of a magical dream inside your Central Virginia home. Your alarm clock goes off and you awaken groggily — slightly annoyed that you had to be disturbed from your slumber.

In a half-waken stupor and, without turning on the harsh lights that forcibly cause squinting attempts to adjust your sight, you make your way to the bathroom.

Your beautiful, well-designed, customized bathroom. Ah. You immediately forget the alarm’s rude interruption. Yes. What a way to wake up and start your day.

Walking Into The Most Popular Room In Your Home

Being one of the first rooms you walk into to begin the day, the bathroom is perhaps one of the most valuable areas in the house.

As well as being one of the easiest ways for homeowners to INCREASE the value of their home, bathroom renovations that suit your stylistic tastes, can truly make it stand out.

Bathrooms, whether it is the accented items in the room, the interior color scheme or the very-important-but-sometimes-overlooked shower wall materials, be sure it represents what you envision for your dream bathroom.

The material of your shower wall plays a vital role in the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. That is why we have compiled a shower wall material guide to help lead you into the new year full of glass, stone, ceramic, porcelain, acrylic and fiberglass levels of knowledge (and the pros and cons that come with each).

Shower Wall Materials

The four most popular types of materials that people use in their home are listed as follows:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Porcelain
  • Acrylic / Fiberglass

Each of these four materials offer positive aspects to enrich your bathroom. While the proper installment of these shower wall products can fully tie together the visual appearance of your bathroom, it’s important to know both the benefits and challenges to each.


Glass wall and floor tiles come in an eclectic selection of colors and sizes to fit your sense of style and the aesthetic look of your home. Glass tiles can come in the form of opaquely colored, transparently cleared, or reflectively mirrored.

Because they have reflective materials, these tiles are ideal for small bathroom remodels to enhance the spatial appearance. Reflective tiles not only encourage personal introspectiveness but yes, they can make your space look larger and deeper! Glass tiles are beautifully unique but they can be expensive and brittle, being more at risk for damaging.


Stone tiles are naturally textured, giving your bathroom an earthy and very unique appearance. They are luxurious with a presentation of natural colors and patterns. Because these types of shower tiles are relatively scarce, they are a more expensive option.

Stone tiles can also be harder to clean, as they are slightly porous materials that require regular sealing. The tiles’ absorbency of water minerals and soap can put them at risk for becoming less durable if they are not properly sealed. However, if properly cared for and CORRECTLY installed, they can be well worth the investment!

Ceramic / Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been the classic and staple shower wall materials for years! Similar to glass tiles, they come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. To add, these tiles are inexpensive, water-resistant and less likely to stain. While they are easy to clean and come in many options, if they aren’t installed to achieve your dream vision, they can look out of style.

Acrylic / Fiberglass

Acrylic shower walls can be molded into an easy-install shape for your shower wall. They can come in a number of textures and colors, providing a minimalistic modern feel to match the interior of your bathroom. JDS Bath can easily upgrade your fiberglass shower walls to acrylic.

With affordable acrylic materials, these walls are chip, peel, crack and fade-resistant as well as mold and mildew-resistant. Because these walls are a mold, they are very EASY to maintain and to keep clean.

These installations can give your bathroom some personality and are available to match the style of your bathroom! Acrylic walls can be nearly any color to best suit your home. Acrylic also can be made into a slip-resistant material for your shower floor.

Build The Shower Of Your Dreams With JDS Bath

Now that you know the advantages and slight disadvantages to the most popular shower wall materials, be sure to contact JDS Bath if you have any questions or you would like a free consultation to achieve your dream bathroom!

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