How Do I Maintain My Bathroom After My Remodel?

Keeping Your New Bathroom Beautiful

Tips From A PROVEN Remodeling Company

Every time you walk into your bathroom, you should be greeted with a beautiful new bathtub, shower, or a complete bathroom. Here are a few simple steps to keep your Central Virginia bathroom looking as beautiful as it does now.

Acrylic Shower Or Bathtub

Acrylic shower on display in Central VA

Everyday Cleaning

For normal everyday bathroom cleaning, use cleaner with a soft washcloth and always rinse thoroughly with warm water afterwards. The silicone sealant can mold if water, soap and/or hair products are allowed to sit on it.

Cleaning Products You SHOULD Use

There are many cleaners on the market, however some of them can cause the surface of the acrylic to become dull or create chemical cracks. Using bathroom cleaning products that are not intended for acrylic will void your product warranty. If in doubt, call the 800-number on the back of your favorite cleaner and ask if their product is safe to use on acrylic. At JDS Bath, we recommend:

  • Fantastik
  • Formula 409
  • Bathroom Duck
  • Zep Shower Tub & Tile
  • Scrub Free with Oxy Lemon Scent
  • Kaboom Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner
  • Greenworks Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Shower Cleaner – Natural Citrus

Only use cleaning products whose labels state that they are “SAFE FOR ACRYLIC”. Always test products on a small area of skirt before applying to the entire bath area.

Cleaning Products You SHOULD NOT Use

Any product that is not safe for acrylic should not be used. Generally we recommend NOT USING:

  • Ajax
  • Tilex
  • Comet
  • Mr. Clean
  • Ammonia
  • Soft Scrub
  • Scouring Pads
  • Tough Act & Power
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Crystal Drain Cleaners
  • Scrub Free with Bleach
  • Dow Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Greenworks Bathroom Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner – Regular

The use of these products can cause a dull surface or chemical cracks and void your product warranty.

Abrasive Cleaners

Thankfully, because of the way the acrylic is made, there is no need to use abrasive cleaners. Abrasive cleaners dull the gloss over a period of years.

The Use Of Liquid Drain Cleaners

When it comes time to clean your drain, liquid drain cleaners are recommended over powders and/or crystal ones. However, when using a liquid drain cleaning agent, be sure to bail all the standing water out of the bathtub and remove the drain plug.

Always use a funnel to prevent spills and apply the chemicals directly down the drain. Make sure the chemicals don’t touch the acrylic surface. Using the drain cleaner sparingly will help it avoid the acrylic. You want the drain cleaner to attack the clog in the drain, not the surface of your bathtub or shower.


Tile And Grout

Image of a tile and grout shower in Central VA

The grout JDS Bath uses is stain-resistant when properly installed and allowed to cure properly.

It is, unfortunately, not self-cleaning. Luckily, routine bathroom maintenance can be done with detergents and a sponge or mop.

For tough or difficult to remove soil, a bleaching cleaner on a nylon scrubbing pad or a long handled stiff bristle brush can be used. Cleaners that we recommend include:

  • Ajax
  • Comet
  • Soft Scrub
  • Dishwashing detergent

Step-by-Step Cleaning

Here are a few simple tile cleaning steps after each use of the bathing area:

1. Sweep or vacuum the tile area of all loose dirt and other foreign materials. ALL spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible.

2. Use a damp mop on the tile area with clean hot water. Change the water often. Do not clean more than one bathroom per mop bucket. Dirty mop water will only apply more dirt to the surface of the tile floor.

  • Extra tip: If bathroom floors are heavily soiled, mop with a solution of hot water and diluted cleaning agent. Once heavily soiled areas have been cleaned, mop a second time with clean hot water to rinse and remove any remaining bathroom cleaning products.
  • Extra tip: Use only the recommended dilution of detergent. More is not always better. Higher concentrations of detergent in the cleaning solution will only make it more difficult to rinse.
  • Extra tip: Any remaining cleaning agent will attract dirt to the floor.

3. Dry bathroom floors as quickly as possible using a dry mop, flat mop, or high-pressure fan, then dry the wet bathroom tile floor before allowing traffic onto tile.

Advanced Cleaning Procedure

If the tile does not come clean with standard mopping or a nylon scrub pad and standard cleaning agent, use the following procedure (recommended weekly):

1. Apply a liberal amount of Soft Scrub with Bleach cleanser to the tile area. Spread the Soft Scrub evenly over tile and let it remain for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. After allowing the Soft Scrub to settle on the floor, use a floor buffing machine with an abrasive nylon pad to scrub the tile area in small sections. The same procedure may be used for the shower or bathtub walls using a handheld nylon scrub pad.

3. Rinse with clean hot water and extract the substances from the floor using a mop, dry towels, or a wet-dry vac. Repeat as necessary until no dirt haze remains on the tile.

  • Extra tip: The soft scrub cleanser residue may be difficult to remove from the grout joints and low-lying areas; several rinses may be required.
  • Extra tip: Use caution to avoid getting the Soft Scrub on the stainless partitions and fixtures. The chlorine may damage the surface of the finish.
  • Extra tip; tip: Keep your care instructions for the type of tile and grout that is installed in your bathroom for easy reference.

Tile And Acrylic Bathtub Or Shower

A tile and acrylic bathtub and shower

The best defense is a good offense. Meaning, by rinsing and drying your bathing area after each use, there will be less buildup of soap scum and dirt. The most important part of keeping your hybrid (tile & acrylic) bathtub or shower from growing mold is to prevent dirty water from sitting on the caulking.

Since there are hundreds of different kinds of tile available, the best cleaning agent for your bathroom will depend on the type of tile you choose to have installed. We recommend giving your bathtub/shower a good bathroom cleaning weekly with a mild cleaner that is marked safe for BOTH acrylic AND your type of tile.

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