How To Replace Your Bathtub Or Shower For Ultimate Safety And Accessibility

Your Bathtub Or Shower Replacement Guide
For When Accessibility Is Needed For
Your Quinton, VA, Bathroom

How To Make Your Shower Or
Bathtub More Accessible

When searching for the best bathtub or shower replacements in Quinton, VA, you’ve found your match with JDS Bath.

You love your bathtub. It’s a pivotal part of a relaxing day – whether you’ve spent the day doing physical work and want to soak your sore muscles or enjoy luxurious “me time,” your bathtub/shower has a big role.

However, traditional bathtubs can be a hazard for many seniors who want to age in place. Eliminate the risk of slip-and-fall accidents by opting for a safe, accessible bathtub or walk-in shower that doesn’t detract from your bathroom’s relaxing atmosphere.

Our extensive line of accessible tub and shower replacements offers homeowners peace of mind throughout New Kent County, VA. So whether you want a bathtub or shower replacement or a tub-to-shower conversion, you can find high-quality remodeling at JDS Bath.

Factors To Consider For Your Bathtub
Or Shower Replacement

When considering replacing your bathtub, consider a few things, such as your long-term plans for your home, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Long-Term Plans For Your Home

If you plan on aging in place, you’ll want to prioritize safety and accessibility. A walk-in tub, step-in bathtub, or walk-in shower can achieve this.

However, if you plan on moving in the next few years, you’ll want to choose an option that will appeal to a wider range of potential homebuyers – like a tub-to-shower conversion, complete with a fold-down safety bench.

If you have the space, you can do what many homeowners do when remodeling a bathroom by having a bathtub and a walk-in shower. One popular option is a wet space in the bathroom – this includes a spacious, zero-threshold walk-in shower with a tub included in the same space.

Lifestyle And Preferences

Your lifestyle has a lot to do with your decision. If you prefer showering and don’t use your tub very much, then a walk-in shower is probably the way to go. At JDS Bath, we offer zero-entry showers without a threshold for ultimate accessibility and fold-out benches to sit while showering.

At JDS Bath, we offer several stunning bathtub and shower designs so you can customize your bathtub.

Your Budget

One of the most significant factors in your bathtub replacement is your budget. The cost varies depending on what you want. For example, a full bathroom remodel will almost always cost more than a small tub-to-shower conversion.

Whatever your budget, our dedicated financial team at JDS Bath will help you find the best financing option to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams as quickly as possible.

A Few Options For Your Quinton, VA
Bathtub Or Shower Replacement

You have a few options when it comes to replacing your bathtub. Depending on your needs, walk-in showers, a wet area, or a premium walk-in bathtub complete with a door and seat are all great options.

Walk-In Showers

A walk-in shower is great for homeowners with mobility issues. With a zero-entry threshold or a shower floor flush with the bathroom floor, wheelchairs and walkers will have no issue getting in and out of the shower.

At JDS Bath, we offer stunning designs for your walk-in shower and long-lasting materials that don’t mildew or discolor over time. Whether you want gorgeous shower tiles or an acrylic walk-in shower, we’re the remodeler of choice.

A Wet Area

A wet area is another term for a spacious walk-in shower with a freestanding tub. This way, depending on your preference, you can choose whether to shower or soak.

Your wet area includes non-slip flooring and room for a safety bench.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs are the ultimate fixture for New Kent County, VA homeowners who aim to age in place.

This tub includes a door with a strong seal to make it more accessible and to prevent leaks. The built-in seat provides comfort during your soak, and the easy-to-clean fixtures make washing off a breeze.

Another option is a step-in bathtub, which looks just like a standard bathtub but it has a door that allows for easy access.

JDS Bath: New Kent County, VA’s Number One Choice
For Beautiful, Safe, And Accessible Bathtub
Or Shower Replacements

We know how important your safety is in your bathroom. That’s why Quinton, VA homeowners trust JDS Bath to provide beautiful, accessible bathtubs and showers that are easy to clean and won’t discolor over time.

If you’re in the New Kent County, VA area and need the best accessible bathrooms, call us at (804) 451-9673 or reach out to us online to schedule your consultation.

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