How We Got Five-Stars On Bathroom Remodel Job We Didn’t Do

Okay. Just to be clear, we’d never turn down a job just because it looked complicated. In fact, we love a challenge! But the truth is, sometimes we’re presented with an obstacle that we know would threaten your trust in us or give you results that do not meet our high standards.

And when this happens, we’re not embarrassed to be upfront in our assessment and tell you we can not do the job you want and still retain our integrity. Instead, we have to be honest about the reality of the situation and give you the stone-cold truth.

This is exactly what happened in the case of Jean’s Richmond, VA townhome. And to everyone’s amazement, JDS Bath still received the highly-coveted five-star review!

Here’s how it happened.

Our Office Crew Answers The Call

One day back in 2020, our customer liaison extraordinaire, Pamela, answered a call from Jean, a slightly physically disabled Richmond, VA townhome owner. Jean was looking to add a shower to her half-bath and wanted an estimate from JDS.

Like most homeowners, she had already received an estimate from another bathroom remodeling company but was doing her due diligence in getting a second quote. Pamela made her notes and briefed our owner, David Rickard, on Jean’s remodeling project.

At JDS Bath, Mr. Rickard is the ONLY person we send to conduct our initial consultations. Why? Because with his 20+ years of remodeling experience with a background in construction, he knows exactly what to look for to ensure long-lasting, dependable bathroom remodeling results.

And because Jean had already picked out the products and hardware she wanted for her new shower, Mr. Rickard set out on the appointment with the full intention of giving her excellent news.

Mr. Rickard Conducts His THOROUGH Assessment

After sitting with Jean and listening to what she wanted (the shower addition to her half-bath), Mr. Rickard fully understood what Jean was looking for. Afterward, Mr. Rickard went to Jean’s bathroom to take down-to-the-centimeter measurements and assess the layout.

During this part of our consultations, a lot of decisions are made, and a lot of structural facts are taken into consideration (e.g. the current construction of the bathroom, the year the home was built, and the logistics of the floor plan for proper preparation).

And it was during this point of Jean’s consultation Mr. Rickard had to say the words he dreads saying in these rare situations, “I cannot put a shower in this bathroom, and I will show you why.”

Why Couldn’t JDS Perform Jean’s Desired Remodel?

You see, Jean had mobility issues due to her slight handicap. And to make enough room for a new shower, her family room space would have to be greatly minimized – something that would make her day-to-day accessibility heavily limited.

Plus, the only way to install a new shower in her half-bath would be to remove the sink. And who wants a bathroom with a shower and toilet but no sink? To keep the sink would entail rebuilding a large portion of her home, which was not a realistic option for Jean at that time.

And though it was difficult for Mr. Rickard to deliver this disappointing news, Jean completely understood and actually appreciated Mr. Rickard’s honesty. Clearly, he knew what he was talking about, and his intentions went far beyond selling her on his products and services.

Jean Leaves JDS Bath A Five-Star Review

It’s true that Jean did not get the shower she imagined, but the honesty she got in return meant more to her than a sleazy sales pitch or a shoddy installation. And what Jean did next surprised us all…she gave JDS Bath, a company that passed on her job and told her news she didn’t want to hear, a FIVE-STAR review.

Now, we’ve seen a thing or two in our two decades of bathroom remodeling experience, but a homeowner’s grateful reception of our honest assessment always gives us the warm fuzzies. Not only does it instill confidence in our hard-earned experience, but it reminds us of why honesty is so important.

So, when you’re ready to work with a Richmond, VA bathroom remodeling company that isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, JDS Bath is here. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

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