How Much Does Bathtub Installation Cost?

The Cost Of Installing Your Bathtub

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How is your bathroom? Is it a refreshing oasis that allows you to unwind after a long day?

If your bathroom no longer makes you happy, you should consider installing a new bathtub.

One thing that holds many Central Virginia homeowners back back is the unknown cost of installation. There are many factors involved in pricing a bathtub installation and the prices might be lower than you thought.

What Does Bathtub Installation Involve?

Your installation costs can vary depending on if you’re replacing an existing bathtub or putting one in for the first time.

A few factors that go into the total cost of installing a bathtub are:

  • Labor
  • Plumbing
  • Accessibility accessories
  • Building material (Tile, Acrylic, etc.)
  • Individual parts, like faucets, doors, and wall surround
  • The style of bathtub you want, like a drop-in tub, walk-in shower, jetted tub, or an alcove bathtub
  • Necessary repairs to the existing bathroom, like removing and replacing any rotted wood or damaged parts

Price Of Installing A New Bathtub

A tub and shower replacement can range from $8,000* to more than $24,000*.

You may pay higher costs if you need new plumbing or want to customize your replacement tub and shower with an expensive door or faucet.

The simplest bathtub and wall surround could start at approximately $2,500* and go up from there. With a low-quality bathtub, the warranty usually covers the parts but NOT the installation.

This means if the bathtub isn’t installed correctly, the bathtub manufacturer WON’T cover the costs to repair your bathroom. That can leave you responsible for proving the installation was done correctly and make YOU responsible for the cost of the repairs.

There’s also the cost of labor, which is up to a third or half of the cost of the overall investment, depending on the scale of your bathroom project and who you hire. Professional bathtub installers usually use their own materials so they can warranty the labor and the parts.

Receiving A Quote From A Licensed Remodeling Company

When you are given a quote from a licensed, bonded, and insured bathroom remodeling company, they will include an allowance for the cost of the repairs or updates needed in their quote.

That is because there are usually a lot of repairs and updates needed to correctly install a new bathtub. For example, if the existing tub had a crack and was leaking water, the subfloor and even the floor joists under the bathtub will need to be replaced.

If you get a quote for your new bathtub to be installed and the price is lower than the price range stated above, read your contract very carefully. Some contractors lowball the cost to install a bathtub. In other words, they will quote you the cost of just installing the bathtub and then bill you later for the additional repairs needed during the installation process.

Price Of Converting A Shower To A Bathtub

Like installing a new bathtub, converting your shower to a bathtub can vary in price depending on the size and scope of the project. The cost is similar to new bathtub installation. This is because the new bathtub material and replacing a bathtub is similar to the price of removing an old shower.

Choosing Your Materials And Accessories

Once you have selected the size and style of your bathtub, now it’s time to choose the materials and accessories.

Acrylic is a very popular option for its low-maintenance features and sleek appearance. It can be made into virtually any shape and there are several color options available. You can also get imprinted acrylic which can look like subway tile, large square slate tile, or stone, without the extra upkeep.

The choices for tile can be virtually unlimited. There are thousands of colors, shapes, and patterns available on the market today. A tile designer can show you all the available options in your set price range. Working with a shower tile designer can help avoid the extra cost of over-buying tile or buying the wrong tile type.

Your bathtub can include grab bars, a glass door or curtain rod, a hand-held showerhead, and more.

A showerhead and temperature control can usually vary from $500* to $2,000*+. There are several different styles available, including:

  • Hand-held
  • Single stationary
  • Double stationary
  • Ceiling mounted rain head

The most important thing to look at when choosing your faucet or showerheads is the quality of the hardware inside.

A cheaper thermostat control or showerhead usually has plastic components which do not hold up as well as those with metal components. While a higher-end shower head and temperature controller may add to the total cost of your bathtub, it may save a lot of money in repairs later down the road.

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*Costs and prices subject to change without prior notice due to inflation, increases in building materials, and/or unforeseen economic circumstances. The costs listed above are based on installations completed during 2022<./p>

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