The Most Expensive Remodel Is The One You Have To Do TWICE

A Second Bath Remodel DOUBLES Your Cost

Through Better Materials And Top-Notch Installers,
We Prevent The Dreaded Bath Remodel Do-over

We get it – everyone wants to save money however and whenever they can. And you SHOULD consider your cost savings when you choose a bath remodeler in Richmond, VA… but maybe not in the way you initially think.

You see, most homeowners consider the initial cost of a bath remodel and compare it with the initial quote cost with other companies. Ultimately, if saving money is their primary aim, they choose the most affordable solution… or so it seems.

What do we mean by this?

Well, it’s simple. If they use cheap materials that only last one to five years, you’ll find yourself redoing your bathroom again a second time, which (at the very least) DOUBLES your price.

So, rather than choose the best cost-saving solution initially, choose the one that saves you the most amount of time (and headache) long-term.

And while at JDS Bath we’re not the cheapest, we maximize your long-term value better than any company out there.

Quality Materials Are The #1 Defense
Against The Dreaded “Do-Over” 

It all starts with the materials, and you should always know the precise materials your bathroom remodeler uses. If they beat around the bush and don’t provide concise answers about the brands and parts they use, find someone else.

The fact is, bathroom remodelers who use high-quality materials have no problem telling you all about it.

And that’s what you get with us. We won’t talk your ear off about the brands you may have never heard of, but we will explain WHY they’re the best, explain how they differ from what “the other guys” use, and show you our previous work.

More than that, we personalize your materials based on YOUR needs and preferences.

That’s right, we don’t do “one size fits all” solutions. Instead, you receive materials that are hand-picked by YOU, and a bath or shower that is 100% yours.

Top-Notch Installers Get It Right The First Time

You could collect the finest bath materials on Earth, but if your installer botches the job, you’re not going to like the end result. And you’re going to have to do it all over.

What does this mean?

It means it’s not JUST the materials that matter – who installs your bathtub or shower is equally important.

That’s why we use nothing short of the best installers we can find. They never cut corners and always communicate throughout your bath remodel.

And the OWNER David Rickard has personally handpicked his entire team. The JDS Bath installation crew have several qualifications, including the following:

  • Master Plumber
  • Master Carpenter
  • Master Electrician
  • BCI Certified Acrylic Installer
  • Schluter Certified Tile Installer

Now, you might be thinking “Don’t the best installers cost more?” Yes, you bet it does. And we wouldn’t feel right about pinching pennies when it comes to our workers, anyway.

Are you searching for a bath remodeling company that uses high-quality materials that last AND top-notch installers who truly care? If so, then call our JDS Bath team today for a free and accurate quote.

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