What Type Of Shower Doors Are Your Favorite?

What Are The Different Types Of Shower Doors?

Find The Best Shower Door For
Your Bathroom Remodel

Once you have chosen the building material for your shower in Central Virginia, now it is time to choose the type of shower door that best fits your style. From framed to frameless, and even completely custom-shaped, here are a few of our favorites.

Frameless Shower Doors

These types of shower doors are very popular because of their sleek appearance and visibility. There is no frame blocking the full view of your beautiful shower.

A picture of frameless shower door and panel in Central Virginia

Frameless Shower Door And Panel

The clear tempered glass door and panel allows you to admire the design of your shower every time you go in the bathroom.

A frameless shower door is very popular for its sleek and fashionable look.

This shower door has a brushed nickel handle and support brackets to match the shower head and temperature control.

Custom shower door in Central VA

Custom Frameless Door And Panel

Sometimes your dream bathroom requires a custom sized shower. We completely rebuilt this bathroom from scratch.

This is a specially designed shower door that was made to fit the extra-large tile shower. The brushed nickel shower door hardware matches the bathroom perfectly.

Want to see more of this bathroom project?

Framed And Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

One of the biggest upsides to a framed shower door is it’s like adding a frame to a picture. It can enhance the overall look of your bathroom by accenting the finer details of your shower.

Chrome framed clear shower door installed during bathroom remodel

Chrome Framed Clear Shower Door And Panel

The towel bar on the clear tempered glass panel allows you to have your towel close, for easy access. A wet towel will also be dripping onto the glass panel and your waterproof floor, instead of the drywall with a wall mounted towel rack.

JDS Bath installed a brushed nickle sliding door

Brushed Nickle Semi-Frameless Clear Glass Sliding Door

The sliding door feature is a great option if you are wanting to conserve space. You don’t have to worry about hitting anything with a swinging glass door.

Newly installed bronze clear glass shower door, panel, and knee wall

Bronze Clear Glass Door, Panel, And Knee Wall

Using the bronze hardware in this bathroom really accents the colors of the tile. The knee wall option opens the shower and ties the bathroom together.

A barn style shower door with clear glass

Barn Style Clear Glass Door

Having the rollers on the shower door can dress up a simple looking shower. It’s like adding a necklace to tie together the entire outfit. The brushed nickel hardware enhances this shower beautifully.

New bathroom with chrome semi-frameless clear glass door and acrylic shower

Chrome Semi-Frameless Clear Glass Door With Acrylic Shower

The chrome door frame and hardware look completely different accenting a darker patterned acrylic shower.

A picture of bypass shower doors installed by JDS Bath

Semi-Frameless Bypass Door And Knee Wall

If you are looking for something that lets the light in but keeps your shower more private, frosted glass may be the way to go. Depending on the original construction of the bathroom, a knee wall can prevent some of the claustrophobic feeling of a full wall shower.

Clear glass bypass door in central VA

Chrome Semi-Frameless Clear Glass Bypass Door

The light and reflective surface of the chrome shower door frame and bathroom hardware make great accents to this white acrylic shower. Using hardware with the same finish can give your bathroom a uniform look.

Completely Custom Shower Doors

Sometimes a uniquely designed bathroom can require non-standard shower doors. Especially when doing a complete bathroom remodel, the exact sizing of the shower may be very different than standard sizing. Here are several oddball shaped glass shower doors we have installed.

JDS Bath installs new shower doors in central VA

Neo-Angle Frameless Clear Glass Door & Knee Wall Panels

A neo-angle shower is a great way to fit a shower into a small bathroom. Because of the custom shape, the glass is kept together by a top frame.

This unique tile shower features the frameless look to the knee wall and door. It is still classified as a frameless door because there is no framing around the panels and the door. Want to see how the shower looked before the bathroom renovation?

An image of large neo-angle frameless shower door and panels

Large Neo-Angle Frameless Door And Panels

The simplicity of this clear glass door allows the intricate tile design to stand out. When your shower has herringbone and off-set wall tiles, you want to be able to easily see it. Not to mention the lovely shower floor tiles and tile bench.

Frosted glass bathtub doors in a new bathroom remodel

Semi-Frameless Bypass Frosted Glass Bathtub Door

Did you know you can also get a sliding glass door for your bathtub? Say “goodbye” to the water sneaking around a shower curtain. The frosted glass adds a little privacy, without severely darkening the bathtub. Bypass doors mean you can access the bathtub from either side.

Ask JDS Bath!

If you see a shower door you particularly like for your bathtub or shower remodel, give the team at JDS Bath a call at (804) 451-9673 and schedule a free consultation. We are a small, family-owned bathroom remodeling company who builds beautiful bathrooms all over the Richmond, Virginia region.

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