Your Favorite Bathroom Style Says A Lot About You!

Bathroom Styles: What Does Your Central VA
Bathroom Say About You?

Which One Of These Popular
Styles Do You Dream Of?

In Central VA, bathrooms have always been the place where great ideas are born, relaxation reaches a euphoric degree, personal maintenance is polished and a general sense of escapism is experienced.

Whether your bathroom is your own hideaway or it is frequented by an array of guests, you should know what your favorite bathroom style says about you. Then give JDS Bath a call to start making your dream a reality.

What Kind Of Bathroom Do I Have?

First things first.

There seems to be an ever-expanding, infinite list of bathroom styles. They can range from a simple “classic bathroom” style to a more complex “post-modern European-influenced Japanese garden-styled washroom” look.

Whatever it is, make sure your new bathroom remodel suits who you are.

Here are the list of the top seven most popular looks:

  1. Modern
  2. Eclectic
  3. Traditional
  4. Asian
  5. Beach
  6. Rustic
  7. Victorian

Each of these seven styles calls for particular accents, furniture and key design features. Depending on the rest of your home’s layout and specific style, you can determine the bathroom style that would be best.

Modern styles are typically characterized by bold colors and high contrasting elements while eclectic styles are geared toward a more laid-back approach with a blend of textures and handpicked items.

Traditional styles have an emphasis on what is comfortable, functional and practical with neutral tones.

Asian style bathrooms tend to maximize open space with a surplus of light, air and accented plants.

A beach influenced full bathroom remodel utilizes design cues from oceanic elements to create a calm and relaxed space.

The rustic bathroom design features organic finishes with simplistic artisan materials to give a soft country aura.

Lastly, Victorian bathrooms exude elegance with accented jewels and ornate decorations. These glamorous bathrooms tend to implement marble and porcelain decorations.

Richmond Bathroom Remodeling

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What Does The Color Of My Bathroom Mean?

While the style of your bathroom can reveal a lot about you, the color scheme you decide to make your bathroom can represent more than the color that meets the eye.

Here is what the most popular colors for bathrooms represent:

  • White – a white bathroom tells people that you value functionality and simplicity.
  • Blue – a blue bathroom indicates that you value calmness.
  • Red – a red bathroom represents bold sophistication. Red is associated with passion and expressive creativity.
  • Yellow – a yellow bathroom expresses a bright and cheery nature. It tells people you value positivity.
  • Green – a green bathroom will tell people you are nature-oriented with an appreciation for the outdoors. The color green indicates a down-to-earth nature.
  • Purple – a purple bathroom represents traditional royalty and tells people that you have an appreciation for the finer things in life.
  • Black – a black bathroom tells people you are sophisticatedly elegant and value hospitality.
  • Gray – a gray bathroom, while simple, tells people that you value tradition and classic looks.

Whether you want a full bathroom remodel upgrade to match your style, or you just want a simple change in layout, JDS Bath is available to help Central Virginia homeowners build their dream bathrooms in an affordable fashion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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