What To Consider During Shower Replacements In Richmond, VA

Shower replacements in Richmond, VA are an exciting enhancement for any homeowner to plan. It’s the perfect opportunity to completely revitalize the bathroom in any living space and get a shower that meets every need.

JDS Bath is committed to helping homeowners get the shower replacement of their dreams with all the features, materials, and styles they have always hoped for. While a shower replacement project can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming.

We get it. There is a lot to consider and many decisions to be made.

Thankfully, that’s where we come in. Our team is excited to help you build the shower that complements your home’s aesthetic and meets your every need.

To get the process started, here are four key things that we think every homeowner should consider for their shower replacement services.

1. The Fixtures Available For Shower Replacements

The hardware and fixtures that homeowners choose for their showers are often overlooked details. You may not think a showerhead or a shower bench will make a difference, but they certainly do.

It’s important to consider your needs and what features and additions will address them within your shower. For example, JDS Bath provides an array of incredible ADA-compliant features, including grab bars and shower benches.

These not only make your shower more accessible and safe for anyone to use, but a shower bench can also provide a sense of luxury. What could be better than sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a long steam after a stressful day?

When you work with JDS Bath, our team of professionals will help you choose the products that meet your needs and install them flawlessly.

2. The Materials Used In Shower Replacements

When building the perfect shower replacement, one of the most important things to consider is the material being used. The materials utilized in shower replacements can make all of the difference.

Low-quality materials can be difficult to maintain, unreliable, and susceptible to a variety of issues like cracks, stains, and mildew. Meanwhile, high-quality materials will ensure that the shower is reliable and can maintain its original beauty for years to come.

Thankfully, JDS Bath uses exceptional acrylic and tile materials for our showers. Our incredible acrylic is designed to withstand constant use and is incredibly easy to maintain. Our fantastic anti-microbial technology guarantees you never have to worry about soap-scum build-up or mildew.

Our tile can be customized to meet your unique style and is installed with the strongest grout in the industry. You never have to worry about it needing to be sealed or future repairs.

3. The Size Of Shower Replacements

When you complete your shower replacement service, it’s vital to consider the size of your bathroom compared to the size of the replacement shower.

You don’t want a shower that will completely take over the space, but it’s also important that it isn’t too small.

Instead, find a shower that is the perfect size for you and your space. JDS Bath will help design the ideal walk-in shower to optimize your bathroom layout and provide ample space for you and your family to enjoy.

As a bonus, we can even help design a shower with built-in shelving to provide more storage space and make your bathroom feel more organized and less cluttered.

4. Choosing The Right Shower
Replacement Company

Perhaps the most important thing to consider during a shower replacement service in Richmond, VA, is the company that is going to complete it. Not all companies are built the same or as committed to installing showers perfectly the first time.

If your shower is installed incorrectly, you’ll likely need to complete the project again. This costs you both time and money. The most expensive shower replacement is one that needs to be done twice.

Choose a shower replacement company you can trust to spare yourself from the extra headache. JDS Bath is a licensed, bonded, and insured bathroom remodeling company with years of experience and a handpicked team of experts.

Every member of our team is dedicated to providing quality work and phenomenal results. We do everything right the first time, every single time. When it comes to shower replacements, we’re the experts you can count on.

If you are interested in a shower replacement for your Richmond, VA home, reach out to the professionals at JDS Bath to schedule your free consultation today.

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