Clear Communication

Open, Flowing Communication Makes For Smooth
Central Virginia Bathroom Remodels

Honest Assessments + Acute Listening =
No Pricing Games. EVER.

Just imagine a world where bathroom remodeling contractors don’t talk over you, push their own opinions, or pressure you into deciding then and there.

Well, look no further – at JDS Bath, we actually WANT to talk to you. To listen to you. To answer your questions. To address your concerns.

We keep our lines of communication open to ensure you get the bathroom remodel of your dreams AND a customer experience to remember.

Plus, our communication goes beyond answering our phones – it extends into our honest pricing, attentive listening, and courteous interactions.

With us, it’s easy to see how clear communication leads to total professionalism. From our after-hours forwarded calls to our no-pressure consultations, we operate with one thing in mind – YOUR satisfaction.

We Make Ourselves Accessible So You Get
The Bathroom Remodel You Need

We get it. Bathroom remodeling contractors aren’t known for their open communication. Even finding their phone number can be like unearthing buried treasure. And when you do finally find it, there’s no answer on the other end.

We don’t operate like that at JDS Bath. We practice open and clear communication to ensure we always answer your questions and address your concerns. Plus, we keep you updated throughout your project, from product deliveries to installation scheduling.

We put our email address and phone number on every email we send you, making it easy for you to reach out when your questions pop up. And when you call, get this…we ANSWER.

If we can’t answer your question, then and there, we find someone who can, ensuring your question gets a clear, helpful answer. Plus, if you call after hours, your call gets forwarded to our owner’s personal cell phone, so you’re NEVER left hanging.

We Don’t Play Pricing Games With
Our Bathroom Remodels

We like playing games just as much as anybody, but not when it comes to our bathroom remodels. We don’t play pricing games at JDS Bath – ever. And we certainly DO NOT take the high-pressure sales approach either.

Instead, we give you an honest quote after our thorough assessment. And because we know exactly what to look for, which quality products will work best for you, and how to install them properly, we feel confident in our accurate, exact pricing.

Once we provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for yourself, we’ll leave it at that. We don’t bully or pressure you into signing on the spot like some competitors.

That’s not our style.

Kindness Goes A Long Way When It Comes
To Excellent Bathroom Remodeling

Two JDS Bath employees answer bathroom remodeling calls

We commonly receive calls from Central Virginia homeowners who’ve felt disrespected, unseen, and even bullied by other bathroom remodeling contractors. At their wit’s end, they don’t know who to trust or turn to…so they come to us.

We listen WITHOUT talking over top of you. We know how to give you information about the ins and outs of your remodel you might not have known before. And we treat you kindly and with respect the whole time.

Plus, our kindness extends into all parts of your project. From our initial no-pressure consultations to our open and honest communication, we treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve to get the bathroom you want.

What a breath of fresh air.

Superior Bathroom Remodels Start
With Superior Listening Skills

Many bathroom remodeling contractors like to talk at you – few like to listen. But at JDS Bath, we appreciate the value of attentive listening. We practice it during all our consultations, customer calls, and any other time we interact with you during your project.

Why is listening important for getting excellent results?

As bathroom remodeling contractors who care about your satisfaction, we listen closely to your personal needs. If you’re looking for greater bathroom accessibility, we might recommend our tub-to-shower conversions or handicap-accessible vanities.

If you need more shower safety, we might suggest grab bars, low or zero shower entries, or built-in shower seats. Or, if you’re looking for a spa-like upgrade, we recommend our hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs.

In other words, our attentive listening ensures that whatever your individual needs are, they always come FIRST.

Finally, A Bathroom Remodeling Company That
Acts Like The Professionals They Are

JDS Bath office front with bathroom remodeling trucks

Call us silly, but we don’t think disrespecting customers, giving inaccurate quotes, and talking over you is very professional. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to reclaim what professional bathroom remodeling looks like in Central Virginia.

And you’ll notice our professionalism throughout your whole project, from initial contact to project completion. We arrive in company trucks, wear company uniforms, and understand that we are always representing JDS Bath.

As a small, family-owned company, we have a personal investment in ourselves and our work – something that seeps into your quality installations and tell-your-friends remodeling experience.

How We Deliver Jaw-Dropping Central Virginia
Bathroom Remodels

Our Customer-First Attitude Guarantees Exceptional Results

Bathroom Products Built Tough

Our exceptional bathroom products bring you long-lasting performance, durability, and beauty.

No Corners Cut Installation

Our detailed installations address any underlying issues or damage. No cover-ups. Ever.

Accountability Always

Our core values start and end with accountability – we stand by our work. Always.

We Give Back To Our Community

From veterans appreciation to local food drives, we give back to our supportive community.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today!

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