No Corners Cut

Meticulous Central Virginia Bathroom
Remodels Done Right The First Time

Our No Corners Cut Policy Ensures You
Long-Lasting Results. Every. Time.

Here’s the ugly truth. It’s common for other Central Virginia bathroom remodeling contractors to take shortcuts to save a buck or save a minute. But where does this leave you?

With a half-finished bathroom renovation prone to leaking, moisture issues, and even mold problems.


At JDS Bath, we eliminate this common problem by completing only the most thorough shower and tub replacements, tub-to-shower conversions, and full bathroom remodels. That’s right. We get down and dirty and do whatever we need to ensure your project is done right the first time.

It Takes Experts To Deliver Expert-Level
Bathroom Results

It doesn’t take an expert to notice when a bathroom remodel has gone wrong – you might notice water leaks around your faucets, mold buildup on your grout, or bad tile work.

But it does take an expert to install your remodel the RIGHT WAY.

That’s why we ensure our team is professionally trained by our manufacturers themselves, ensuring their products are installed correctly and precisely. Plus, we believe in continuing bathroom education, which is why our installers keep up their manufacturer certifications over the years.

Bathroom product technology changes, but our team always stays on top of the latest trends to ensure you get maximum performance from your products.

Our No Corners Cut Bathroom Remodel Guarantee

JDS Bath employee installs new handicap accessible shower

We know how tempting it is to cut corners in any industry and especially the bathroom remodeling industry. But we’ve also seen the outcomes of “corners-cut” projects, and it isn’t pretty.

Instead, our installations get down to the studs, allowing us to ensure we’re starting on the right structural, electrical, and plumbing footing.

And if we discover something unforeseen (electrical cables, mold, remnants of past remodels), we address the issue instead of covering it up. We can only give you the bathroom you deserve when starting on a solid and clean footing.

We know we can cut corners by delivering shoddy work – we could run pipes outside of your walls instead of in them or layer over wood rot instead of addressing the underlying issue. But we wouldn’t dream of it!

Experience Tells Us…Bathroom Remodelers NEED
Experience To Deliver Stellar Results

Yes, you can read about shower installation or watch videos on bathtub replacement. But you can only learn so much from a manual because hands-on experience is where the real lessons come in.

At JDS Bath, we value our 20+ years of bathroom remodeling like a family heirloom. We know how rare it is to find a remodeler with over two decades of industry experience. And we know how priceless our lessons “in the field” have been in our company’s growing process.

Every bathroom in Central Virginia is unique, and each presents its own perks and obstacles. But, remodelers won’t ever know how to approach a unique issue until they’ve seen it themselves.

Trust us – we’ve seen A LOT of bathrooms in our two decades of remodeling experience. And each time we learn something new, we bring that knowledge to the next project to give your remodel an even greater advantage.

You Won’t Find Bathroom Remodeling
Subcontractors Here

JDS Bath employees cut tile for Richmond, VA  shower wall surround

We understand why bathroom remodeling companies use subcontractors instead of W-2 employees – less overhead, less investment, less accountability. But it’s just not for us.

We only hire actual JDS Bath employees to work on your remodel.


We care about your project!

It’s pretty simple. When installers work for a company that supports, trains, and invests in their futures, that company is more likely to attract dedicated, passionate, and skilled employees.

Plus, an experienced team ensures YOU get the detailed bathroom renovations you’ve dreamt of. With our devoted team, there’s better communication, total accountability, and assurance in our high-quality standard all around.

With Our Bathroom Remodels, It’s Quality
Materials Or Bust

The quality of your bathroom remodeling materials can make or break a project. And while some other contractors think their cheaper materials can fly under the radar, we know better. And we do better.

We use only the highest quality materials during bathroom installations to ensure that your products’ beauty and durability last as long as possible.

This means we use antimicrobial grout to tile your bathroom, ensuring it stays bacteria, soap-scum, and mildew-free. Plus, you’ll never have to seal our grout every few months, like you do with traditional grout.

Small touches make a huge difference in the longevity of your remodel – we wouldn’t THINK about skimping on our materials or the quality of our products!

Central Virginia Bathroom Renovation Done Right

Premium Bathroom Products And Precision Workmanship
Make For Superb Remodeling Results

Superior, Easy-To-Clean Products

From our thicker, more durable acrylic tubs to our watertight tile shower, we offer only the finest bathroom products.

Our Communication Lines Are Open

We keep you informed from start to finish for a stress-free remodeling experience.

Holding Ourselves Accountable

Our unflinching accountability creates the bedrock of our core values.

We Advocate For Our Veterans

From fundraising to discounted bathroom installations, we support our veterans.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today!

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom with experienced, highly trained, and manufacturer-certified experts? At JDS Bath, we deliver outstanding bathroom remodeling results using high-quality products, thorough installations, and compassionate customer care. When you’re ready to experience extraordinary bathroom remodeling, call us today for a free estimate!