Rock-Solid Products

Rock-Solid Products Built To Keep Your Central
Virginia Bathroom Performing For Life

Our Easy-To-Clean Showers & Bathtubs Give
You A Stress-Free Spa-Like Experience

When it comes to bathroom products, you have a buffet of materials to choose from – porcelain, fiberglass, composite, and more. And every manufacturer claims to offer the best, making finding what’s right for you challenging.

At JDS Bath, we’ve scoured. We’ve tested. We’ve tried. And we’ve found truly THE BEST bathroom products on the planet. From our rock-solid acrylic bathtubs to our impenetrable tile shower floor and wall surrounds, our products give you long-lasting durability.

And we don’t stop with superior showers and tubs either – our full remodels boast the highest quality vanities, flooring, sinks, fixtures, and more to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Acrylic Showers & Tubs Built As Tough As Tanks

We’ve all done it – stepped into a flimsy bathtub and thought we were falling through the floor. It’s not a fun feeling. And we’d never wish it on our customers!

So we’ve ensured our tubs and showers are built exclusively with multiple-layer, high-density weight acrylic. This makes them the most impact and chemical-resistant surface of any acrylic in the industry.

This also makes our acrylic products heavier, thicker, and more durable than other acrylics, and they are 100% manufactured right here in the USA.

And the best part is, because we use only the finest quality acrylic sheet, this unique high-tech polymer is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product!

Bathroom Product Warranties That Last A Lifetime

These days, it’s rare to find a home fixture manufacturer that stands by their product for a year, let alone for a lifetime. But that’s just what our trusted shower and tub manufacturers do – they stand by their products for a LIFETIME.

This means your replacement shower and bathtub are covered against manufacturer defects for as long as you own your home. Plus, our tile surrounds’ waterproofing systems are backed for life, giving your remodel unmatched protection.

We know bathroom renovation is a significant investment, but our industry-leading manufacturer warranties give you total peace of mind.

Custom Bathtub & Shower Measurements =
Tighter Bathtub & Shower Fits

Beautiful bathtub replacement in Central Virginia bathroom

As experienced bathroom experts, we know there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to tubs and showers.

Yes, you can buy standard-size bathtubs and showers from big box stores and other nationally-affiliated bathroom remodeling companies. But standard-size products don’t give you the tight fit you need for total product dependability and waterproofing security.

At JDS Bath, all our tubs and showers are custom-made using precise, down-to-the-half-inch measurements taken from YOUR bathroom. This ensures your products fit precisely for maximum performance.

And you’re not confined to the bathroom space you already have either – we can increase your shower or bathroom area as needed to ensure you get the products you want.

Easy To Clean Bathroom Products That
Make It Easy For You To Relax

What’s worse than coming home from a long, hard day ready to soak in your tub only to find it covered in soap scum?

We can’t think of much!

Our virtually maintenance-free tubs and showers take the burden of constant bathroom scrubbing off your shoulders. You’ll never have to use harsh chemical cleaners, as our acrylic products only require the occasional gentle clean using soap and water.

Built with nonporous material, our showers and baths are naturally mold and mildew-resistant. That’s because our acrylic products are infused with anti-microbial technology. This stops bacteria from growing and multiplying, making our products safer, more sanitary, and easier to clean.

Plus, we only use grout impervious to soap scum, mildew, and bacteria build-up, making our tile installations easier to clean than ever.

High-End Quality Products That Extend
Throughout Your Whole Bathroom

Beautiful full bathroom remodel in Central VA

You know our showers and tubs are the most durable products on the market. And you can guarantee our full bathroom remodels deliver the same golden standard of product quality.

Everything from vanities and sinks to flooring and lighting is carefully selected to ensure you get the highest quality products for your full bathroom remodel.

You won’t find flimsy particle board vanities here – we install only solid wood vanities built to withstand harsh bathroom environments. Nor will you find plastic faucets because we install only metal fixtures that perform to our high standard.

Some cheaper products may look similar on the surface to higher-end products, but we know the difference. We ensure the internal workings of all our bathroom products meet our expectations and give you results that exceed your expectations.

How We Do Central Virginia Bathroom
Remodeling The Right Way

From Our Solid Products To Our Total Professionalism, We Deliver
Outstanding Bathroom Renovation Results

We Never Cut Corners

Our expertly trained teams ensure your detailed installation is done right – the first time.

No-Pressure Consultations

At JDS Bath, we don’t believe in pricing games. Our goal is to educate you on your options so you can make an informed decision.

Guided By Core Values

Accountability, teamwork, trustworthiness, integrity, and compassion lay the groundwork for amazing results. Plus, we all love what we do.

We Appreciate Our Veterans

We support those that protect our country the most – veterans.

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