Our Story

Central Virginia Bathroom Remodeling
20+ Years In The Making

How Valuable Lessons Guided Us Towards
Bathroom Renovation Excellence

It’s rare to find a Central Virginia bathroom remodeling company that’s been around for five years. Finding one that’s been around for a decade is even harder. It’s nearly impossible to find one operating for over TWO decades.

But here we are!

At JDS Bath, we’ve been open, operating, and giving Central Virginia homeowners beautiful, long-lasting bathrooms since 2001. And though our techniques and products have evolved over the years, our unshakable commitment to customer satisfaction has remained the same.

The Humble Beginnings Of A Construction
Weekend Warrior

In the home improvement industry, every contractor has to start somewhere. And for our owner, David Rickard, it started at JCPenny’s Construction Services.

Here, he learned the ins and outs of the industry, including management skills, proper ways to install home products, and what makes quality products.

And more importantly, he learned the value of customer satisfaction. But, feeling exhausted from 13 years of constant weekly work travel up and down the East Coast and a dream to be self-supporting, David knew change was in the air.

But where to even start?

A Passion For Construction Turns Into A
Passion For Bathroom Remodeling

Feeling a little lost and weary from years on the road, David had an epiphany one day. While working at the mall in West Palm Beach, Florida, something caught his eye – a bathtub liner display.

A lightbulb went off!

“I could sell these,” David thought to himself. And before he knew it, that’s exactly what he was doing – selling and installing bathtub liners with one pickup truck and a trailer.

Though sales were booming and customers flocked to this new, fantastic product, David knew something was off. After noticing leaks and poor long-term results from the liners, David knew he couldn’t in good conscience keep selling them to his customers.

So what did he do?

A Commitment To Total Bathroom Remodeling
Customer Satisfaction Intensifies

Before and after shots of shower replacement in Central Virginia bathroom

Before and after of shower replacement

From that day forward, David committed himself to delivering his customers the best products and bathroom services.

No more bathtub liners.

No more flimsy, cheap products.

No more cover-up installations.

Today, JDS Bath does ONLY the most thorough bathroom remodels – complete wet area tear-outs, full damage repair, and strong, durable shower and tub replacements. We may have learned it the hard way, but building on a solid foundation is the only way to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Today!

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom with experienced, highly trained, and manufacturer-certified experts? At JDS Bath, we deliver outstanding bathroom remodeling results using high-quality products, thorough installations, and compassionate customer care. When you’re ready to experience extraordinary bathroom remodeling, call us today for a free estimate!