A dream bathroom remodeling story…

From Vision To Reality: A Central VA
Bathroom Remodeling Story

Is It Possible To Fall In Love With
A Bathroom? We think so.

Have you ever wondered what the shower replacement and bathtub replacement process is like? What about a whole bathroom remodel? Take a look at the story of one of JDS Bath’s Central Virginia clients to get a better picture.

How It All Started

An “Excited Homeowner” in Central VA had been wanting a replacement tub and shower for years. We first met at a local mall in 2018. After falling in love with the bathtub we have on display in our Mobile Kiosk, we scheduled a time for Mr. Rickard, owner of JDS Bath, to come out and give an estimate.

Due to personal reasons, the consultation was postponed until June 2021, when “Excited Homeowner” reached back out to JDS Bath and scheduled an appointment. After booking their appointment, they started to get timidly excited.

At the consultation, Mr. Rickard and “Excited Homeowner” sat down together and discussed all the updates that were needed. “Excited Homeowner” expressed their enthusiasm with the project, detailing their vision for their bathroom.

After looking at a wide selection of acrylic bathtub colors and styles, wall tiles, flooring options, fixtures, bathroom sinks, toilets, mirror designs and paint colors, “Excited Homeowner” picked out all the products, including the tub and shower replacement, that fit their personal style.

After creating a customized plan for “Excited Homeowner”, Mr. Rickard took measurements of the bathroom, ordered supplies, and coordinated with the JDS Bath Installation Crew.

The Installation

When all the materials had been delivered to JDS Bath, the crew loaded them into the JDS Bath construction van and headed to the “Excited Homeowner’s” house. They removed the old bathtub/surround, vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet, closet door, and flooring.

As each piece was put into place, the excitement started to build. Before long, “Excited Homeowner” could see their vision becoming a reality. Seeing the tub and shower replacement combined with tile walls was their favorite part of the entire bathroom remodeling process.

“Excited Homeowner” was happy to find that the JDS Bath crew had cleaned up all the construction mess after the work was finished each day.

The Finished Product

Excited Homeowner is overjoyed with the result! Getting to walk into their bathroom every day and not feel discouraged, is the most wonderful feeling!

Enjoyed the story? Stay tuned for more stories and updates from homeowners in Central VA. Check out our bathroom remodeling services and see what we can do for you!

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