Going Green: Designing An Energy-Efficient Bathroom

How To Create A “Green” Bathroom With
Chester, VA Bathroom Remodeling

Energy-Efficient Bathroom Remodel
Ideas For Your Home

As the years have gone on, many homeowners have become more eco-conscious and begun looking for Chester, VA bathroom remodeling solutions to make their home more energy-efficient.

There are few things more important than protecting our environment, and completing a quality bathroom remodel is one of the many steps homeowners can take to do their part.

While a lot of people feel drawn to energy-efficient solutions, many homeowners are unsure what options they may have. That’s why JDS Bath has created a simple list of eco-friendly bathroom remodel ideas from which you can draw.

With our help, you can design the eco-friendly bathroom of your dreams that is just as functional as it is stylish.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures During Your Chesterfield
County, VA Bathroom Remodel

Older showerheads or sink faucets usually don’t have the water-saving capabilities as the options available on the market today.

You probably don’t even think about the amount of water you use while taking a shower or washing your hands, but it can be a lot more than you realize.

Limiting water consumption is one of the best ways to make your bathroom more eco-conscious and energy-efficient.

Limiting your water usage can be much easier than you think. Low-flow showerheads use fewer gallons of water per minute than the typical showerheads of the past.

They are specifically designed to cut down on your water consumption and can even help you save on your water bill. After all, the less water you use, the less you will have to spend on your bill at the end of the month.

During your bathroom remodeling project, you can also save water by installing a sink with a water-saving faucet or a toilet with dual-flush capabilities.

These small changes can make a world of difference in your water consumption and grant you the opportunity to get creative and enhance the look of your bathroom. Consider choosing a new sink or showerhead that stands out. A beautiful copper or black sink faucet can create a whole new look for your bathroom.

Many homeowners choose luxurious rainwater showerheads during their bathroom remodel. These give a unique look to your space while helping you conserve water. It’s the best of both worlds.

Use Sustainable Materials During Your
Bathroom Remodeling Project

Another way to make your bathroom more eco-friendly is to rely on sustainable and durable materials.

Some materials can only be counted on to last for a few years. Not only does this mean you will have to complete a remodel sooner rather than later, but it can also be damaging to the environment.

Instead, turn to a company that uses high-quality materials designed to last.

JDS Bath only relies on the best of the best, and our flawless installation techniques ensure that your bathtub or shower lasts a lifetime.

Our unique tile replacements for showers or bathtub surrounds are made to look beautiful and be incredibly durable. We use an incredibly strong sealant that is non-porous.

This helps ensure that your tile won’t stain, crack, or succumb to mold and mildew over the years. Our tile is sustainable and perfect for an eco-conscious homeowner in Chester, VA.

Our acrylic shower and bathtub replacements are another great option. The acrylic we use is stronger than just about anything else on the market and will never stain, crack, or peel. This means that you can rely on it for decades to come.

Ensuring That Your Bathroom Is Properly
Insulated During A Bathroom Remodel

Proper insulation is one of the most important aspects in ensuring that your home and your bathroom are energy-efficient.

Some bathrooms have begun to face issues with insulation over the years because of improper waterproofing. Luckily, this issue can usually be addressed by tearing everything down to the studs and installing new plumbing and waterproof backings to your shower or bathtub.

Waterproofing your bathroom can help protect your insulation and ensure your space is as energy-efficient as possible.

JDS Bath can help you choose the best products, fixtures, and designs to make your bathroom feel like the luxury oasis you have always dreamed of and enhance its energy efficiency.

If you are searching for the best quality bathroom remodeling services in Chester, VA, contact us for your free estimate today.

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