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If you, or someone close to you in Central VA, is disabled or needs assistance when using the bathroom or shower, you might be in the market for walker or wheelchair accessible bath and shower solutions.

When looking for materials and accessories, it’s important to be aware of your options and how they can affect your bathroom’s accessibility.

In this post, we break down some general requirements for each section of the bathroom and why these specifications are important for accessibility.

Making Your Shower Accessible

When making a shower more accessible, there are a few things that are necessary. The shower should have either no curb or a short one, no taller than ½ inches.

You should also consider using a shower curtain as opposed to a door, along with making the entrance larger if the bather needs to bring in their wheelchair or walker. All of these exterior choices help to make it easier for disabled people to get into the shower.

Once inside, we recommend you install a shower seat and grab bars on the opposite walls. This allows bathers to comfortably enter and stay in the shower.

It’s important to put any shower controls close to the entrance, so anyone can turn them on without having to enter the shower. For the shower head, it should be detachable and close to the shower seat so the bather can easily wash their entire body.

While not as important, it might be a good idea to install anti-scald mixing valves so that the water temperature and volume never gets to a dangerous level.

Making Your Bathroom More Accessible

JDS Bath specializes in customized bathroom remodeling and walk-in showers or tubs that make bathing easier for the aging, disabled or injured. Read more about our accessibility shower installation services.

Making Your Toilet Accessible

When it comes to making a toilet more accessible, there are a few steps to take.

We recommend the toilet be placed 17”-19” high. This makes it easier for people to transition from their wheelchair, or walker, to the toilet seat. Consider installing a wall-hung toilet, preferably one with a thicker bowl to achieve this height.

Be sure that items like toilet paper, medical equipment or sanitation wipes are placed in close proximity to where the person is sitting. It’s a good idea to install a grab bar beside the toilet to make the transitions between the toilet and someone’s wheelchair, or walker, much easier.

Expanding Accessibility To The Bathroom

Similar to the shower, it’s important to make the space large enough for someone with a wheelchair or walker. Consider installing a sink without a cabinet underneath to the wall, giving wheelchair users room to wash their hands. For the faucet, use one that can be operated with one hand.

We recommend that you have sturdy accessories that require little interaction but can support someone holding onto them. For example, mounting a tall mirror over the sink can make it easier for a person to see themselves, or even installing grab rails throughout the bathroom offers additional support.

Be sure to create spaces where handicapped individuals can easily access their toiletries, like low shelves or cabinets.

For flooring and walls, it’s important to use slip-resistant material throughout the bathroom, including the shower. Slip-resistant tiles and wall materials are essential, and can be easier to clean up if you can use material like vinyl or hardwood that can stick together.

Next Steps For Accessibility

These are the general rules and specifications that may be forgotten when planning your own accessible bathroom designs. There are plenty of other steps and options available to fit your specific needs when remodeling your bathroom.

You can check out the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specific measurements, and many retailers, like Pleasants or Taylor’s Do It Center, can help you pick out specific materials.

If you need help applying these design choices, we’re here to help homeowners all across Central Virginia. We offer full bathroom remodels and specialize in designing and constructing accessible bathrooms. Give us a call for a free estimate and to make sure this important job is done right.

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