What makes frontline workers heroes?

The Importance Of Central VA Frontline
Workers In The Fight Against Covid-19

Why JDS Bath Is Raising $10,000
For A Central VA Frontline Hero

As a local bath remodel company, we know it’s not an understatement to say that the COVID-19 virus has deeply affected everyone around the world, including our community of Central VA. As more and more people became infected, how we lived our lives changed overnight. We were forced into our homes to keep everyone safe, forced to change our routines and ways of doing business, some were even forced to lose their jobs.

These times have been hard on everyone. Yet it’s also been a time to reflect on the good things in our lives. We cherish our friends and family and have continued to stay connected through Zoom calls and office chats.

Everyone has had to do their part to help stop the spread of the virus, including the essential workers. They’ve worked to keep our world turning smoothly and helped everyone maintain some normalcy.

Facing The Virus Head-On

On top of these brave people, there are also the workers on the frontlines of this pandemic. These heroes are the healthcare workers, the most essential of essential workers.

From nurses, ambulance drivers, doctors, surgeons, and every job in between, these people deserve the utmost respect. These frontline workers spend multi-day shifts working tirelessly to keep people healthy and safe. They’re sacrificing their personal lives to brave the hospitals and emergency rooms of the world to fight this virus head on.

They’ve consistently fought to contain the virus, not only helping their patients, but also practicing strict safety precautions. These people have to go beyond wearing masks and constantly washing their hands. Many healthcare workers have to practice extreme social distancing, resulting in serious isolation.

There When We Need Them Most

Many frontline workers have sacrificed their personal relationships for their important work. They rarely see their friends or family, all in service of our own.

These healthcare providers also offer comfort to those in their darkest moments. While the coronavirus takes its toll on the human body, nurses and doctors are always there with emotional support for every step of the way.

And in the unfortunate case that these patients must face their final moments, most of the time their family and friends can not be there in person. In these heartbreaking times, the healthcare worker is the one by their side. They’re the one holding their hand for comfort, or holding a smartphone so families can give their final goodbyes.

Without the countless hours these heroes have sacrificed, the virus would have become an even larger problem. We would have been stuck in our homes for many more months, or unable to fully grasp the effects of the virus.

Giving Back

But, historically, frontline heroes don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

Luckily, there are many ways to help these brave men and women. Companies have offered free meals and services to recognize these healthcare workers. On top of donations and care packages, the world has attempted to give back in any way possible.

We here at JDS Bath feel that we need to do our part and recognize these frontline workers. That’s why we’ve decided to give back using our unique bathroom remodeling services.

We’re hosting a fundraiser event aimed at raising $10,000 towards a new bathroom remodel for a healthcare worker in need. It will be co-hosted by Hanover Vegetable Farm at their location at Ashland on 13580 Ashland Rd. Local vendors and food trucks will also be at the event.

Come by and help a frontline hero in need.

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